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PicMfrPart #DescriptionPriceIn Stock
1000-1000HAND HELD IGNITION TESTER Closeout Item!$228.77YES
10530-16HYD. ROLLER TAPPET SET/16 Closeout Item!$169.78YES
10621-16PUSHROD HEAT TREAT SET/16 Closeout Item!$114.05YES
10800C-16STAMPED STEEL ROCKER ARM SET 88-UP SBC 1.5 RATIO,3/8 STUD Closeout Item!$137.38YES
11TLF0046SPECIAL GRIND SBC SO Closeout Item!$198.46YES
113971HMV-248-2 CAM Closeout Item!$245.00YES
114201CCH-284 CAM Closeout Item!$118.43YES
114711CC-310A CAM Closeout Item!$198.46YES
11515-16ROLLER TAPPETS PKG./16 Closeout Item!$424.80YES
11519-2ROLLER TAPPET PKG/2 Closeout Item!$47.80YES
11520L-2ROL.TAPPET OFF.LF. PKG/2 Closeout Item!$46.66YES
11520R-2ROL.TAPPET OFF.RT. PKG/2 Closeout Item!$46.66YES
11524-2ROLLER TAPPET PKG/2 Closeout Item!$40.88YES
11546-16ROLLER TAPPET OFF. SET/16 Closeout Item!$374.98YES
11546L-2ROL.TAPPET OFF.LF. PKG/2 Closeout Item!$46.87YES
11546R-2ROL.TAPPET OFF.RT. PKG/2 Closeout Item!$46.87YES
11582-1HI REV KIT SB CHEVY W/VERTICAL BARS + 5/16"PUSH RODS Closeout Item!$66.58YES
11621-2PUSHROD HEAT TREAT PKG/2 Closeout Item!$14.26YES
11624-2PUSHROD HEAT TREAT PKG/2 Closeout Item!$14.26YES
11630-2PUSHROD HEAT TREAT PKG/2 Closeout Item!$14.99YES
11634-2PUSHROD HEAT TREAT PKG/2 Closeout Item!$13.99YES
11748-16ALUM.R/A 1.5-1.6 SET 16 Closeout Item!$314.60YES
11750-1ALUM. R/A 1.5 R 3/8 PKG/1 Closeout Item!$19.32YES
11759-1ALUM.R/A 1.6 R 3/8 PKG/1 Closeout Item!$20.00YES
11762L-1ALUM.ROCKER 1.6 RATIO 7/16"STUD .225"LEFT OFFSET,SB CHEVY Closeout Item!$27.06YES

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